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Resident Evil: Afterlife

Posted by ASH on September 11, 2010

Today was one of the days I was counting down on the calendar for this year: the day of Resident Evil: Afterlife, the 4th movie in these series.
Many may say that these movies are not all good and not well done, or not following what the game’s story is; however, I love them!!!!
Since the first one, I’ve been hooked with the zombies and Alice, and how the story has evolved. Let me tell you: This is to me, one of the best movies of this year (only compared to “Avatar”) and I know many, I repeat, don’t agree with me.

I watched the movie on IMAX 3D (and I did in the morning because it’s less expensive) and the whole experience is…WOW!!!!

The movie was so good that it seemed so short (the movie is 1 hr 30 mins aprox). There was action from the beginning to the end, and one thing I really liked was how close it was to the final game, RE 5, not in the story but in so many characters.

I think I might actually go again to the theatre to watch this movie……

I wish the next resident evil movie comes quickly….


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